Sigma Koki Co., Ltd. -Laser Optics
-Opto-mechanics/Manual Stages
-Motorized Stages
Attocube Systems AG -Nano Precision Positioning
-Ultra Precision Displacement Sensor
Daeil Systems Co., Ltd. -Optical Tables & Vibration Isolators
-Active Vibration Isolation System
nPoint, Inc. -Piezo Stages & Nanopositioning System
Ludl Electronics Products Ltd. -Automation Systems for Microscopy
Lattice Electro Optics -Laser Optics
LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH -He-Ne Laser
-Diode Laser
-DPSS Laser
National Laser Company -Argon Laser
Scientech, Inc. -Laser Power & Energy Meter
MPB Communications Inc. -Fiber Lasers
-Fiber Bragg Gratings
NoIR Laser Company -Laser Safety Eyewear
-Laser shield Windows
-UV Adhesives & Sealents for Optical Devices
-Fiber Connector Cleaner
-Fiber Connector Polisher / Fiber Polishing Film
Cargille Laboratories Inc. -Refractive Index Matching Liquids
-Microscope Immersion Oils
ThorLabs, Inc. -Imaging, Optomechanics, Motion Control
-Optics, Fiber, Light Source
-Light Analysis
Fujian JDSU Casix, Inc. -Crystals, Laser Optics, Fiber Optics
Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. -Crystal Prducts
-Precision Optics
-Laser Components
Raicol Crystals Ltd. -Nonlinear Optical Crystal
LaserMax Inc. -Miniature Diode Laser
OZ Optics Ltd. -Fiber Optic Components and Products
Lumitek International, Inc. -Infrared Detection Products
-Electroluminescent Lamps
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. -Faraday Rotators
-Free Space Optical/Fiber Faraday Isolators
Power Technology, Inc. -Laser Diode Modules
Minus K Technology, inc. -Vibration Isolation Products
Edmund Optics Singapore Pte. Ltd. -Optics and Optical Instruments
-Microscopy Machine Vision part
-Fiber components
-Electro-Optical Modulators
-Optical Isolators
-Nano Materials, Nanoscale and Amorphous Products
-Carbon Nanotubes, Nanopowder Dispersions
-Optical Interference Filters
-Holographic Diffraction Gratings
-Laser Optics
-Opto-mechanics/Manual Stages
-Motorized Stages
-Diode Laser
-LED Sources
-Laser Light Engines & Laser Combiners
Integraf L.L.C. -Hologram Kits
-Holographic Films & Plates
-Hologram Developers


-UV Nanoimprint Resist
-Interference Lithography Gratings


-Laser Diodes
-Laser Module
-Laser System
Equipment Solution, Inc. -Linear Stages
-Servo Controlled Amplifiers
ARCoptix S.A. -FT-IR/FT-NIR Spectrometers
-Liquid Crystal Polarization Manag. Products
Cobolt AB
-CW and Q-switched DPSS Lasers
-Diode Laser Modules
-Fiber Pigtailed Lasers
HUBNER GmbH & Co. KG -Tunable Laser Light Source (OPO)
Sill Optics GmbH &Co. KG -F-Theta Lens, Focusing Lens, CCD Lens
-Beam Expanders
BaySpec, Inc. -OCT
-Optical Telecom Products
McPherson, Inc. -Spectrometers
Mightex Systems -USB/CCD Line Cameras, Camera Lenses
-Spectrometers, LED Light Sources
ADS Technologies Co., Ltd. -Fiber Alignment & Welding System
-Waveguide Alignment & Bonding System
-Lens Alignment System
Duma Optronics Ltd. -Beam Profiler
-Beam Positioning System
-Beam Alignment System
PD-LD, Inc. -Stablilized Lasers
-Fiber Optics Components
-Volume Bragg Grating(VBG) Elements
CryLaS GmbH -CW and Pulsed DPSS Lasers in UV VIS and IR
DongWoo Optron Co., Ltd. -Spectroscopy (Photoluminescence, Raman Measurement, Monochromator, and Infrared Systems )