We, Tayhwa Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional marketing
and sales agent dedicates in the Opto- Electronics industry in
Taiwan for years. Our customer”¦s basis covers the research
laboratories in University and the manufacturing factories for
the Electro-Optical Industries. For detail, please refer to it below.

Establishment: June 1997

Head Office:
9F, No. 73, Sec.1, Ho-Ping E. Road, Taipei, Taiwan (#106)
Tel: 886-2-2356-9737 ”@Fax: 886-2-2356-9659
Website : www.tayhwa.com.tw


Major Business”G
- Diode Lasers, DPSS Lasers, Pulsed Lasers, Argon Lasers, He-Ne Lasers
- Motorized Translation Stages and Rotation Stages
- Optical Tables , Vibration Isolation Systems , Vibration Isolators
- Laser Optics, Mirrors, Lenses, Beam-splitters, Polarizers
- Automatic Fiber Alignment System
- Laser Beam Measurement Systems

Distributor for”G
OptoSigma ”® Sigma Koki Co., Ltd. (Japan) - Motorized stage, Opto-Mechanical products, Laser optics
Daeil System Co., Ltd. (S. Korea)”ŠOptical tables, Vibration Isolation tables , Vibration Isolators
Lattice Electro Optics (U.S.A.) - Highest quality laser optics
Scientech, Inc. (U.S.A.) - Optical power/energy meter
LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH (Germany) - He-Ne Lasers & DPSS Lasers
ADS Tech Co., Ltd. (Korea) - Automatic Fiber Alignment System
Cargille Labs (U.S.A) - Refractive index liquid
Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH (Germany) -Diode Laser System
nPoint Inc. (U.S.A.) - Piezo Stage, Nanopositioning Systems.
Cobolt AB (Sweden) - SLM DPSS Laser, Diode Laser System
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (Japan) - UV Adhesives & Sealants for Optical Devices (UV½¦), Optical Connector Cleaner, Optical Connector Polisher.
CryLas GmbH (Germany) - Pulsed Laser
Duma Optronics Ltd (Israel) - Laser Beam Profiler, Beam Analyzers, Optical Beam positioning, Auto Collimators
Attocube System AG (Germany) - Piezo-based Nano Drives, Ultra Precision Displacement Sensor